Widespread Agreement Clue: A Guide for Crossword Puzzle Enthusiasts

Crossword puzzles are popular among people of all ages and backgrounds. They are a fun way to test your knowledge and challenge yourself to solve clues that seem impossible at first glance. One of the puzzle clues that frequently appears in crossword puzzles is the “widespread agreement” clue. In this article, we will explore what this clue means and how to solve it.

What is the “widespread agreement” clue?

The “widespread agreement” clue is a type of crossword puzzle clue that typically refers to a common belief or understanding among people. It can also refer to a consensus or general acceptance of an idea or concept. The answer to this clue is usually a word or phrase that represents the idea or concept that has widespread agreement among people.

How to solve the “widespread agreement” clue?

Solving the “widespread agreement” clue requires some general knowledge or common sense. It is important to read the clue carefully and think about the possible answers that fit the theme of the puzzle. Here are some tips that can help you solve this type of clue:

1. Look for context clues

Context clues are pieces of information within the puzzle that can help you determine the answer. Look for words or phrases that are related to the clue, such as synonyms or antonyms.

2. Use your general knowledge

If you do not know the specific answer, use your general knowledge to narrow down the options. For example, if the clue refers to a political idea, you can eliminate answers that are related to science or sports.

3. Use a dictionary or thesaurus

If you are still unsure of the answer, use a dictionary or thesaurus to look up the meaning of the clue. This can provide you with additional information that can help you solve the puzzle.

Examples of “widespread agreement” clues

Here are some examples of “widespread agreement” clues that you may encounter in a crossword puzzle:

– Common knowledge (Answer: TRUISM)

– Accepted principles (Answer: DOCTRINE)

– General understanding (Answer: CONSENSUS)

– Popular opinion (Answer: CONVENTION)

– Shared belief (Answer: TENET)


The “widespread agreement” clue is a common type of crossword puzzle clue that requires some general knowledge and critical thinking skills to solve. By using context clues, your general knowledge, and a dictionary or thesaurus, you can quickly solve this type of clue and move on to the next challenge in the puzzle. So, the next time you come across this clue in your crossword puzzle, use these tips to solve it with ease.